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Liquifry No.1
by Interpet

Protein 34.33%
Oil 13.37%
Fiber 1.07%
Ash 6.78%
Contains :
Dextrin, Pea Flour, Whole Egg, Yeast, Preservative.


Liquifry No. 1 has been formulated with tiny food particles for small egg laying fry. Liquifry No. 1 will also stimulate infusoria (microscopic natural organisms), which baby fish will eat.

Dosage :

For 10 gallon, half full: Shake Very well. Add 1-2 drops in the morning and 1-2 drops in the evening. Dropping into live plants will help the culturing live Infusoria. Start feed Liquifry at day 1-3 and continue feeding until all fry are eating MicroWorms or BBS. Alternating feeding with Tetramin's Baby Fish Food 'E' is a good idea, as well.

Quantity- 25ml

Avg. Price - $2.99

All Fish Safe!!

Uses :

Use on young, newly hatched fry until fry are able to eat larger foods.
Technical Information
Liquifry consists of minute food particles suspended in liquid, which disperse readily throughout the aquarium. They are pre-soaked so they cannot choke the delicate fry. This food contains particles to give nourishment and will stimulate natural Infusoria (microscopic natural organisms), if you add a few drops soon after the eggs are laid.
Liquifry can be used to culture Brine Shrimp.
To prevent misuse of product, read directions completely before using. This product is for use on ornamental fish in an aquarium or pond only. It is not intended for human or veterinary use. If you overfeed, pollution an suffocation will occur resulting in the death of your fry.
Available at :

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