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Quick Cure®
by Aquarium Products

A "Tri-chelated" formula of 99.20% Formaldehyde, 0.75% Malachite Green


This scientifically formulated liquid medication cures ich in two days and cures lymphocystis in one week. For both fresh and saltwater use.

Dosage :

Shake well

For Aquarium use: Use 1 drop per gallon on all fish exept those of the Tetra group.

For Tetras - 1 drop for every 2 gallons

For Marine Fish - For Lymphocystis use 1 drop for every gallon daily in a bare aquarium

Quantity- 0.75 Fl Oz

Avg. Price - $1.77

Treats :

Ich - Cures in 2 days

lymphocystis - Cures in 1 week
Technical Information
Directions: Shake well before using. Use one drop per gallon daily on all fish except those of the tetra group. For tetra--use one drop for every two gallons daily. For marine fish--for lymphocystis use one drop per gallon daily in a bare aquarium. Cures ick in two days, lymphocystis in one week. Quick Cure will slightly color the water blue--this disappears in a few days. Remove charcoal or carbon from filtration system during treatment.
Not for human consumption. For aquarium/ornamental fish use only. Not for fish used for human consumption. Keep out of the reach of children.
Tips : 
Here is what other list members think :
Rhonni: I love this stuff. I used it twice in my community tank (which has scale-less fish) with great results and no problems. It tinks the water slightly blue for a short time.

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