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I am a new Betta mom who owns two male, multi-colored Bettas.  I keep them in half gallon containers of treated water.  My father and I raised them when I was a child and now I raise them by myself.  I love talking about them so feel free to ICQ or email me.

I currently have two Bettas, Bert and Erne, but want to add a third.  Lol.  I am currently battling finrot with Ernie and using Melafix after my attempt with using Maroxy failed.
Personal Tips:
  • Change the half gallon containers everyday to every other day.  Definitely change water everyday when they are ill and put them in the warmest room you have.  Test the water for ph and ammonia levels frequently.  Use Aquarisol to prevent nasty illnesses.  I put a drop in their bowls every time the water is changed.  BUY NOVAQUA AND AMQUEL.  It will probably save your fish!


Email me!!
ICQ# 75242476

Favorite Products/Meds:
  • Kordon's Novaqua
  • Kordon's Amquel
  • Aquari-Sol
  • Melafix
  • Cubed Aquarium Salt 
    (so far)
  • Hikari Betta Bio Gold


Product I do not care for :
  • Maroxy - It did not do a thing for my fish's fin rot even though the pet store worker promised it would.

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