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Hi :) I live in Toronto, Ontario; born and raised in Victoria, BC though. I just moved here a year ago. I'm 19 (soon to be 20...eep!), and I live in a basement apartment with my SO, my 2 cats, and all my wonderful lil fishies (who truthfully have more room in that room than I do! *grin*).

I've been keeping and breeding bettas for a little under a year now.

My Website

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ICQ #2614441
Yahoo Messenger-jbbowles7

Betta Info:

I have 3 girls: Brooke (black/red bicolor), Mousie (black DT), and Jolie (red Cambodian)...
and 8 males: Dannie (Steel ST), Sasha (Red DT), Jasper (Blue multi ST), Cujo (Royal blue ST), Buddy (Black ST), Diego (Red Cambodian ST), Ruby (Red Butterfly DT), Liberty (Red, White & Blue Cambodian Butterfly ST), and Daemon (Red/Magenta Bicolor ST).

I'm also the proud momma of 8 fry (fry, not fries! *grin*). The father passed away of unknown causes 2 weeks after the babies were born. His name was Sammie, and he was a red marble ST. The mother is Brooke.
They're almost a month old now, and most are 1cm long!

You can see pictures of (almost) all of my babies on my website: .
While you're there, have a look around. I've got a HUGE photo gallery!

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