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I've got two tanks in action, they will turn into two divided tanks in action. :)  Then I can have four spawns at once, unless I get more tanks.  I am also going to try experimenting with some methods. ^_~

I will hopefully have several spawns for sale in mid-summer or late summer of 2000. :) 95% of my bettas are show quality, the other 5% are gorgeous pet store bettas. :D

My other pets include a black/white bicolor Japanese bobtail cat (Mittens!), a silver metallic butterfly koi, a giant calico fantail, several livebearers/a pleco/two corys, and a teeny Japanese firebelly newt
named "Little Puppy". :)

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Betta Info:

How many : What Types: Phenotypes and Genotypes: What I am working on now . . .
82 Total

27 known females

39 known males

Melano, Black Lace, Turquoise-Blue, Turquoise-Green, Royal Blue (pure and impure-with red), Bicolors
(chocolates, green/yellow bicolors), Red Cambodians
(cream body/red fins and light red body/redder fins), Butterflies, Opaque Whites, Extended Reds, Yellows (just about all shades!), Ivories, Steel Blue, and Multicolors.

ST/St, ST/Dt, DT/Dt; HM gene in Turquoises, Ivories, some Opaque Whites, Melano; Melano gene in Royal Blues, Steel Blue; DT gene in Extended Reds, Yellows, some Opaque Whites, Royal Blues, Turquoises, Black
Laces, Ivories

-White Opaque ST/Dt with red (impure): non-red genes, DT/HM genos.  Will get: 25%DT/Dt, 24%ST/St, 50%ST/Dt;
50% Ivories, small percentage pure white or butterfly patterns 

-Upcoming spawns? Yellow DT x Yellow DT, more opaque crosses to rid of red, Turquoise DT x Turquoise DT, etc etc... :) Can't decide


Betta Goals :
-More true halfmooooooons!!!
-more melanos!!!!
-more show quality stuff! (better body/fins/color)
Personal Tips:

None yet . . . 

Favorite Products/Meds:
  • Kordon's Novaqua
  • Kordon's Polyaqua
  • Kordon's Amquel
  • Aquarium Salt
  • Wardley's One Drop SuperChlor (Dechlorinator)
  • BettaMax
  • MaracynTwo
  • Betta BioGold
  • Freeze Dried Bloodworms
  • Test Kits (Ammonia, PH, Nitrite, Nitrate)
  • Methylene Blue
  • Aquari-Sol
  • Tap Water (Duh!)


Product I do not care for :
  • Maracyn
  • Liquid Viamin B-12
  • Malachite Green
As for Hikari Cichlid Gold baby size, ^_^ Only my larger males were able to eat those.  I stick with frozen food for the juveniles or younger/smaller adults.


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