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When it comes to our homes, we aren't that picky either, but try to keep in mind that just because we can survive in just about any container, does not mean we will thrive. 
Of course we would LOVE to live in a nice large tank, we would even get along with most other fish if you kept us in one! But, most people purchasing us do so because we can be kept in small, itty-bitty, tiny bowls (*shivering at the thought*) To tell you the honest truth, those bowls are really too small. We can survive in them, and some of us may even like them ok ( are there such things as fishy-loony bins??) but we really do enjoy swimming around. You will be amazed when you move us from those tiny bowl into even just a one gallon tank. We develop these WONDERFUL personalities, and do all sorts of silly things. I have even heard a pet store owner tell a customer once that we had to be kept in those small bowl because we couldn't swim around!! He said we would over exert ourselves!!! I had NEVER laughed to hard!!! 
I would say that anywhere from a 1/2 gallon container to any size up you could spare would be great for us. A nice live plant (fake if you don't have live ones) are really nice, too. I personally like to rest on mine. They also make great spots to build out nests.
When it comes to putting us in a tank with other fish, keep these things in mind: We have long fins, so PLEASE don't stick us in with fin-nipping fish!! I personally get along fine with ottos, cory cats, neon tetras (although I have had a few cousins decide to make snacks of them), guppies, mollies, swordtails, & platys. It all depends on the betta you have, just try and see. 
There are many tanks and bowls on the market today. One thing to keep in mind is that we have a tendency to jump. It is not necessarily that we MEAN to commit suicide, we just get the urge, and jump!!! So a vented lid is a very good idea on our bowls. Otherwise you may come home to find an empty bowl!
Here are a few choices you can find at fish stores and even online.
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