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Decided to get a Betta, now what?

You should try to know all you can before you purchase your betta. We all know how they can win you over in the Pet Store, so if you have already bought him/her, then it is never too late to learn.

The right home for your Betta.
How you house your betta can effect his health and happiness. Here you will learn to do's and don'ts of betta habitat.
Feeding your your Betta.

There are many different choices on what you can feed your betta, and what he will eat. Find out what are the favorites and not-so-favorite choices of your betta.

Keeping your Betta clean :O)

Keeping your Betta's water clean is in the utmost importance of Betta Care. Dirty water results in many types of diseases. Here you will get an idea of the average amounts of water changes appropriate.
Sick Betta??

If you fear your Betta may be ill, you can diagnose and learn what treatments to use.  

Euthanizing your Betta.
This may be very controversial, but many find it necessary. If you no longer can bare to watch your Betta suffer, here are a few quick ways to put it down. These methods are also used in sizing down large spawns, also known as 'culling'.
Breeding your Bettas.

If you have decided to venture into the wonderful world of Betta breeding, you can find out how here! There are many different ways to go about it, and many more ways will be listed in the future. 

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