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Frequently Asked Questions

This list will be ever growing. Hopefully your questions that were not answered specifically elsewhere in the site will be answered here.

How Much do I feed my Betta?
How do I breed my bettas?
My female has horizontal stripes, what does that mean?
My female has vertical stripes, what does that mean?
What fish make good tank companions for Bettas?
How do you tell a male from a female?
How many kinds of Black Bettas are there?
Where can I get MicroWorms?
What is Infusoria?


Q: How much do I feed my betta??


A: This question is seen a lot with new owners. Unfortunately it is not easily answered. All bettas are very different and there can be no set rule. Bettas are very piggy eaters, and this is not good for them. They should not be allowed to eat so much that they become obese. 



Q: My female has horizontal stripes, what does this mean?


A: When a female, and even on occasion a male, gets horizontal stripes, it is nothing to be concerned about. This is there was of letting the other fish know that they are submissive. These are also known as 'fear' stripes. They will obtain these stripes when they are stresses or feel threatened. If they were recently in a fight with another fish, then the stripes show that they have submitted.



Q: My female has vertical stripes, what does this mean?


A: When a female displays these stripes, it is her sign to the male that she is ready to breed. You may often find her more plump than usual if she is displaying these stripes. If so, then she is plump with eggs. These stripes will most often occur when a male is within view.




Q: What other fish make good tank companions for Bettas?


A: Depending on the size of the tank, there are many fish that would make good companions. When looking for a companion, make sure that the fish you choose are not fin-nippers. Tank mates that are commonly used are Ottos, Cory Cats, snails, Neon Tetras, Guppies, Mollies, Swordtails, Platys as well as many other schooling fish. Bettas get along with most other fish, it is their own species that brings out their aggression for the most part.



Q: How do you tell a male form a female?


A: For the most part, this is very simple. When they are young, or not completely mature, it is more difficult. The majority of the time, females will be short finned. They will also have an ovipositor between their ventral & anal fins. This looks like a small, white bump. They develop this when they are mature enough to breed. Males will normally have long, flowing fins. They are the typical picture that comes to mind when someone mentions a betta. Males are also longer in body than the female for the most part. There are such things as long-finned females and short-finned males. The best way to sex them is looking for the ovipositor, although if a female is young, she will not have it yet. 




Q: How many types of Black Bettas are there?


A: There are only 2 kinds of Black Bettas, Melano & Black Lace. Melano bettas are pure black and the females are sterile. The females can produce eggs and spawn, but their eggs will not hatch. A Black Melano male must be bred with a Steel Blue or Green female that is carrying the melano gene. This will produce a small amount of Melano offspring. Black lace bettas are the other kind, the females are not sterile. I believe that these bettas are not entirely black, either. I have seen them with white on them. I am not sure if Black Lace bettas can contain other colors, if anyone know, please email me.




Q: Where can I get Microworms?


A: You can purchase MicroWorms right from this site by clicking here. There are also many other places to purchase them, you will find links on out Live Food Links page.




Q: What is Infusoria?


A: Infusoria is a first food fir fry. It is produced by live plants. If you keep live plants in your breeding tank, you will not have to worry about making your own. If you do not have live plants for your breeding tank, then go here to learn how to make it. You should feed this to the fry for the first 3 or so days.




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