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Acriflavin, Sulfamethazine, Malachite Green & NaCL


Acriflavin Plus controls protozoan and fungal infections on fish. Prevents and controls velvet, fungal infections, cottony patches on fish, tiny dots on fish, and fin and tail rot. When used as directed, will not affect the biological filter bed. Do not use in the presence of invertebrates

Dosage :

For Aquarium use: Shake Very well. Add 1 teaspoon to each 5 net gallons of aquarium water. Use when receiving new fish (as preventative) and when disease occurs (as a control). To control infections, treat every other day for 5 days (3 treatments are suggested). Repeat full treatment in 3 days if necessary.

Quantity- 4 Fl Oz treat 120 gal

Avg. Price - $3.99

All Fish Safe!!

Harmful to Invertibrates!!!

Treats :


Fungal Infections

Cottony Patches on fish

Tiny Dots on fish

Fin/Tail Rot

Technical Information
AP is an effective chemical tonic that prevents and
controls: Velvet, Fungal Infections, Cottony Patches on Fish, Tiny dots on Fish, Fin and Tail rot. AP when used as directed is all fish safe and will not affect the biological
filter bed.
For Best Results: Do a partial Water change and use SHIELDEX before treatment. If live foods are being fed to fish, treat weekly to prevent possible infestation. AP can be removed from the tank water by adding carbon to the filter. If advanced or stubborn infections are found, it is best to use SUPER SULFA (for fungal infections) or QUINSULEX (for protozoan infestations). When conditions have improved use AP as a follow-up treatment.
To prevent misuse of product, read directions completely before using. This product is for use on ornamental fish in an aquarium or pond only. It is not intended for human or veterinary use.
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