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Blended Antibiotic Capsules
by Aquatronics   Formula A13-H  Freshwater

250 mg capsules of water soluble nitrofurazone, methylene blue, PVP, vitamins, NaCl, sulfas: methazine, diazine and merazine.


Bettamax is an effective aid for treatment and prevention of bacterial infections, fungal infections, mouth and body fungus, fraying tails and fins, listlessness, poor appetite, splits or holes in fins and tails, poor water quality, discoloration, and vitamin deficiency. Bettamax is found to be most effective on bettas, guppies, and all fancy finned fish. Bettamax used as directed is safe in the community tank and will not affect biological filter beds.

Dosage :

For Aquarium use: As a preventative and conditioner open capsule and introduce powder directly into tank. Use 1 capsule to each 5 gallons of aquarium water. Treat every other day for 5 days (3 treatments are suggested). Repeat full treatment in 3 weeks.

Betta Bowl use: When changing water in Betta bowls, use 1 capsule in a ½ gallon container of water to make concentrated tonic. During water changes add equal parts of tonic to freshwater. Repeat treatment in 3 days. Full treatment can be repeated in 5 days if necessary.


Quantity- 10 Capsules

Avg. Price - $3.97

Treats :

Bacterial Infections

Fraying Fin/Tail

Mouth/Body Fungus


Poor Appetite


Vitamin Deficiency

Technical Information
For Best Results: A partial water change using Shieldex as directed is recommended before and after treatment when using Bettamax in the aquarium. Avoid combining chemicals and antibiotics unless otherwise suggested by manufacturer or dealer. Do not use when copper is present in the aquarium water. Bettamax and residual color can be removed from tank water by adding carbon to the filter. 
This product is for use on ornamental fish in an aquarium only. It is not intended for human or veterinary use. To prevent product misuse, read all directions completely before using.
Tips : 
Here is what other list members think :
Pegasus : I've made a gallon jug of this & keep it capped.  I made the batch when all my breeding attempts kept failing.  As each female was removed from the unsuccessful spawning, I put them in a container of 1 part fresh, but treated water & 1 part BettaMax tonic.  I change the overall water every third day.  I do this for about 3 applications & then she goes back in the Bordello. 

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