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As part of our effort to keep Bettas a pleasant "place" to be, you must agree to abide by the below policies before being added to the Bettas list.

1. When you're replying to a post on the list, please include only enough of the original post so that your comments make sense. Para-phrasing is fine (e.g., "Sarah wanted to know if 500 fry in a spawn was normal")     Also, please do not re-post headers or signatures from the original email.

2. If someone has asked for input or information that wouldn't be of interest (or isn't applicable) to the list at large, please reply to that person by private email.  (E.g., "If you want to be on my breeders page, send me your name, address and what you have to sell/trade.")

3. Re-posts of someone else's article should be okayed by the author before reposting. Please put "Reposted with permission of <name>" at
the beginning or end of the post.  If you want to know all the reasons for this, write to me and I'll be happy to explain.

4. No ads by commercial-scale operations.

5. Textual abuse (AKA flaming) is not acceptable here.  Flaming will get you summarily removed from the list and you won't be allowed to re-subscribe.

6. Please do not post "I'm looking for <....> betta.  Does anyone have any fish they can sell" posts to the list.  The Bettas list publishes a weekly "ad" post; please direct fish wanted or fish for sale posts to bettas-request@listserv.aol.com for inclusion.

   The "ad" post is issued on Saturdays with the subject:  Bettas Marketplace.

7. Do not, under any circumstances, post "warnings" about new viruses, appeals for dying <fill in the blank>, get rich quick plans or any other SPAMs to the list.

8. Please do not post image files (gif, tif, jpg, bmp, etc) to the list.

.Please do not post to the list in HTML or any other rich text.  Plain text only. Need help, click here.

That's it :)

Cynthia Powers
Owner, Bettas

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